Grooming at Telemark

Why is wet snow a big problem from cross country trail groomers? Have you ever wondered why groves and balls of snow appear in the skate lane, even though there is lots of snow? Click here to download or read an article that explains why.

When the season starts there are processes that must be completed before the trails are opened. Rolling is the first step. Click here to learn more about this grooming task.

Current Conditions 2016-2017

Nov. 19 – Noon- There are about 12 cm of snow accumulated on the ground but it is not snowing. It is – 1 C.

Nov 24 – It looks as if Scott figured out why the new Yellow skidoo will not start sometimes for no reason. It appears that the gas tank is a bladder right under the seat and when it is filled to the brim sitting on the seat does something to the bladder which affects fuel flow. So if you fill the gas on the new yellow skidoo fill it to 7/8 ths of less to prevent this problem. Scott took out both skidoos and they are running.

Nov. 28 – We received about 10 cm of dry new snow last night. Phil is going to coordinate the rolling schedule this winter. It is -1 c.

Dec 1 – There are about 12 cm of snow on the ground at the lodge and phil said about 30 cm on the flat part of high country. There ground seems to be freezing but the snow is acting and an insulator. The tracks are on the Kubota.

Dec. 2 – We don’t have much snow but the ground is not frozen, so roller packing will knock the air out of the snow and allow the ground to freeze.     The Kubota will be in use preparing trails for the coaching clinic Friday, Saturday, and Sunday but the snowmobiles are available. All trails could be roller packed.     Let Ron know when you would want to do any roller packing and he will post your time on the website under About Telemark, Grooming at Telemark; also check the same location to see if equipment is available. Phil

Put me down for all day this Sat – I’ll be starting early.Will advise on Sun and Mon shortly. Will knock off some signage as well at the same time as previously discussed Ron . I assume order of progression will be Stadium. Biathlon Beginner trails Intermediate trails Advanced trails Race 1 & 2 Panorama , High Country, and Crystal to be last. Unless advised otherwise, I will follow the above. scott

Roll with the drag down from the snow gauge at the junction of High Country and Crystal Rim to the Crystal Resort access trail that was cut by Larry’s group.     The skiers are going to come in from the Crystal Resort parking lot.    I have roller packed it once. This should be done Saturday morning. John doing this.

Dec 2 11:00 AM – Ron is rolling and packing down fern valley with the Kubota today. we got about 6 cm of new snow.

Dec 2 Noon – OK. So John is using the Kubota Saturday morning and scott is using a skidoo Saturday .

Dec. 2 – I rolled telemark with 3 passes. Couldn’t do fern valley and there were tree day and it was very sticky so someone else should roll it with the Kubota so the Kubota tracks break up the puddles. We have received another 3 cm of snow since noon today.

Dec. 3 – Excellent job today, we needed the compaction to get the frost into the ground and help freeze up the wet spots.    Rolling to maximum width is important; it allows the PB operator to work all available snow.  When taking out trees please remove trees to maximum width of trail; logs protruding into the trail are a hazard to the PB tracks and the tiller.  phil

Progress report from today. Below trails have been fully rolled to maximum width : Stadium  biathlon Forest Lane Memory Lane Rabbit ( north and south ) Summer Road Squirrel Easy Street Roller Coaster Race 1 ( Phil did I think ) Telemark behind shooting range ( old Log Cabin loop ) All side connecting trails between above listed. Double pass only on Fern, Connector, and lower High Country. High Country summit rolled to max width to facilitate coaching clinic as per Johns request today. Higher elevation trails becoming difficult to pull roller through deeper snow with sled . Chased after two quads who came in front gate and drove Telemark, summer road and then Panorama – didn’t get them.( f*#£€ers ) Panaorama is tree free and had about a foot of powder. Will require a few sled passes prior to an attempted rolling, otherwise the track will just chew the base on any incline while under load – has the same issue last year. I will be there tomorrow ( Sunday ) also, but cannot commit to another 12 hr day as I have an evening commitment. I will start tomorrow by clearing the downed trees I am aware of and then move back to rolling with any time I have remaining. scott

Dec. 3 11:00 We received about another 15 cm of snow since Friday afternoon. We are looking to have a soft opening Wednesday Dec. 7 which we will announce to the public on Tuesday if everything holds. There is 35 cm of snow at the snow gauge in the stadium. More as you climb.

Dec. 3 – 2:00 PM I put in the snow gauges. Here are the readings Snow Depth at Lodge Gauge:  33 cm Panorama Gauge:  33 cm  Carol Gauge:  40 cm  Crystal Gauge: 50 cm

Dec. 4 – Arrived this morning to a fresh  10-15cm coating of snow dependent on where on he property you were. Made it look like nothing had been rolled the day before.  *sigh * Cleared trails of all downed trees, only to have strong gusts kick up and bring down more. Lumber now down on Memory Lane, Fern Crk near end of Race 2, Telemark at both top and bottom of the blue hill, and Valley View has stuff on the ground as well as hangers that must go. Anyone going out would be well advised to pack a sharp and fully fueled saw. There’s going to be a mess on Fern from the main gate down to about 200 feet counterclockwise of the start of High Country as an inverted pick up truck extrication takes place. Long story, I’m sure you’ll get details via the grapevine. Deep down I’m hoping the rescue vehicles get stuck also. Kubota blew a track – Phil dealing with that Monday. Still lots of open water – keep your eyes open in the usual locations. Any non inner trails will require a few sled passes sans roller before attempting to tow one. Snow depth is too great – Phil experienced that today on Fern  I triple passed Carol with sled only, but it was drifting heavily so it likely won’t last long.

Dec. 5 – We are rolling in earnest and the Kubota is down so do not taking a skidoo without reserving it with Ron first. The black skidoo is running fine right now. If it breaks down we are no longer putting money into it. Speak with Phil if you want to roll so we can do things efficiently. The kid never got his truck up the bank so it may be there for the winter. I will be reporting the accident to the conservation officers.

Dec. 5 Telemark, Rabbit, Summer Road, Squirrel and a triple pass of panorama got roller packed today. Squirrel was combed backwards.

Dec. 5 – Went out again last night because I had some appointments today I forgot about before the schedule came out.Got most of fern, got crystal, HC, Carol, connector. Thought all of crystal was done so I only took a small saw which proved to be too small for the timber across the trail. So next person out on crystal will need a bigger saw.I filled the saw that was in the kubota. The oil cap is either frozen or broken. Won’t seal. I left it on the floor by the small shelves and by the case on the right side. When I came up Monday I had a few things noticed that we may need to address.The big snowmo was left out below the chalet – key in it ready for anyone. The big roll up garage door in the snowmo shed was not locked and the cat shed was not locked. Just wanted you guys to know what was encountered. If no one gets the logging done on crystal, I can get it on the weekend or next week. I’ll be back Friday night so Sat – Tues I’m available. Mike. Phil. I’m confident we can get access to the wreck on fern and save the snow. Maybe something to tackle Monday .

Dec. 7  – Good news, the kid got the truck out of the gulley on fern and returned the key. Scott put up the trails signs on the inners and Telemark. Phil did some grooming with the guizu today but I’m not sure what. A women went snowshoeing on one of the ss trails today and said it was excellent. Opening tomorrow. John like usuall let me know what you have groomed for the website / grooming board.

Dec. 9 – 9 am -On Saturday and Sunday Dec. 10 and 11 from 9 am until 4 pm only the new yellow skidoo and the old black skidoo will be available for use. The old yellow skidoo is reserved for trails/first aid safety. 5 cm of new snow and it is not snowing  up here like in town. We are still waiting for the Kubota track repair so it is out of action. The guizu is working fine there is no problem with the trach setter. Hey Scott can you put a full trail sign at the enterance to Fern Crk rather than the inner trail sign for safety reasons. Also Colin fixed the muffler on the old yellow skidoo. Does someone want to cut a Christmas tree for the lodge?

Sat Dec 10 – Started a bit after 8 and wrapped it up at 6. Panorama, south Rabbit, and Fern Creek all rolled to max width. You could land a mid sized plane in some sections should you so desire. Fern is only done from the south end ( near the beginning of Forest Lane ) clockwise to the junction with Carol and Connector. Open water still present in all the usual locations. Very lumpy, but clean, where the truck went over. Didn’t get to Carol as planned – ran out of time and light. Large rock on Pano 100m  past 1/2 way point on left side of trail. Couldn’t move it myself. It’s flagged. Wasn’t there last year – no idea how it got there, but it needs to go. 3 new jugs of injector oil in the shed for the 550. Pano is nowhere near ready for the PB. We need to roll another +15 cm before the Ginzu should even attempt it. Passed a bow hunter on foot and then his ride while on Pano. Spoke with him and enlightened him on the closure. If I see him again, his photo is off to the COs for a coupon.

Dec. 11 – Larry is going to roll pano on Monday the 12th. The Kubota will be fixed on Monday too. It’s been showing all day and the lodge gauge is now at 54 cm.

Dec. 13 – Biathlon requires the yellow skidoo on Saturday 17 and sunday the 18th at the times listed below and Ron requires the new yellow skidoo all day Saturday and sunday for safety. The black skidoo is available to use on the weekend at this time. Unless someone reserves it before then. ” HI Ron, Has anyone reserved skidoos’ for Friday for course set up? If not can I for a couple hours – estimating around 10am-12pm and then 2pm-3pm to take down for Friday. Again on Saturday and Sunday for 6am for course set up and take down in the afternoon? Lanita.

Dec 15 – Scott – Use the 550 and Lanita the 600. As long as there is a skidoo available 9-4 Saturday and Sunday for safety and Lanitas needs for the bi course are met too, as per her email. Kubota is available too but can’t be used for safety. Reserve any skidoo – Kubota use with Ron now until the end of January as there are many users, not only trails and grooming.

Dec 18 –     The red light ( or green light – charged) was not on as the new  radios have to sit in the cradle correctly. It sometimes looks like they are in but not sitting in the slot. If the light on the charger does not come on that is why. Take the radio with you each day for safety and so we (and therefore thecustomers) can be made aware of changes to the grooming plan we post on-line and on the board.    Please do not bolt the guizu to the Kubota hitch. The Kubota is not only used for grooming. We previously used pins and there were spares. Does anyone know where the pins are?